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As a business, we’re dedicated to making things better. We strive to make an impact on the local communities around us, the customers we provide homes to, the environment in which those homes stand and for our champion workforce. 

As with all sectors of business, ours is not without environmental impact. But a key focus of ours is how we can work to minimise that. We have a number of long standing policies in place to ensure we remain responsible in multiple areas.

We’ve set a recycling target of 95% of our total development waste. This includes recycling of hundreds of tonnes of concrete, used carpet and UPVC windows and doors.


We evaluate every property before any refurbishment work is carried out, including thermal imaging. This way we can understand exactly where improvements are needed, often going above and beyond those required by Building Regulations.

Energy Efficiency

Using sustainable materials is a key consideration at the planning of a project. Since 2018 we’ve worked with a national partner to help us identify the most appropriate products for our developments.

Sustainable Materials

A hallmark of an Annington development is the retention and often the regeneration of neglected green space associated with the site. These clear ecological considerations were a major factor in our partnering with an external consultant to help us with our Biodiversity Net Gain strategy.


We strongly support the UK’s goal to be Net Zero by 2050. To do this means understanding our overall carbon-footprint, setting targets and identifying the areas that can be significantly improved. 


We’ve installed PhotoVoltaic panels and high heat retention storage heaters to improve the EPC rating at a number of our refurbishment properties across the country. Our tenants can also request installation of Electric Vehicle charging points at their rental property.


Interested in more details?

You can download our Environmental Policy here

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives also recognise that a changing society demands a changing outlook, especially when it comes to environmental issues. In partnership with a specialist ESG and sustainability consultancy, we have reflected on our current successes and identified specific areas that we can further improve. With these key areas in mind, we will move forward with sustainability and responsibility at the forefront of every area of business, tracking our progress to report back to our key stakeholders. 

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